Make Your Workout, Work Out For Your Hair Style!

What to do when you just finished an outdoor adventure, a great workout or any other style-ruining activity, but don’t want to redo your hairdo before moving on to the next fun appointment of the day? Keeping the right tools and products on hand will serve as the best non­-shampoo option.

Clever use of bobby pins and headbands during the workout combined with loose buns or strategically placed braids will keep the hair in check while you sweat, but also set you up for a great post-session style.

When finished, let your hair down and out ASAP, allow the root area to dry, whether by towel, blowdryer or nature to get it back into shape. For styles that are full of volume, blown smooth with a brush, or any look that uses a thermal iron to get there (flat or curling), use a dry shampoo to absorb the salt and moisture at the scalp area; this will give back that lift to the top and sides.

Apply the product at the root area, let dry into the hair, brush through and go about your day. For natural waves and curls, wanting to enhance the texture and tame the frizz. Use a leave-in conditioner spray or moisturizing primer to get those curls springing back to life. Spray the product liberally (not to the point of dripping) on the surface layers and ends of the hair, don’t brush, but scrunch the product into the strands then walk away.

Regardless of texture or style, having the right cut sets you up with a strong foundation, and using the right products allows for greater versatility under any circumstance.